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Online Violin Performances

Download Shlomo’s music

New : Beethoven Sonata N° 10 performed by Shlomo Mintz and Itamar Golan.

Find violin performances in MP3 and video formats. Special recordings and great musicians can be found in this exciting part of the website.

The Power of Music

Shlomo Mintz talks about "how to make a career" and gives his vision to education, the behaviour of artists, parents and society in general.
Ilona Feher, Shlomo`s teacher from 1963-1973

An extract of the film "Ilona Feher, teacher of Genius" (1982). Mrs. Feher talks about her pupil Shlomo and he remembers his first experiences with Ilona and also the excitement about being on stage at 14, replacing Itzhak Perlman with the IPO.
Celebrating 50 years on stage

Shlomo celebrating 50 years of experienxe in a life of music

Customer reviews

"A peek in the mind of a genius."

"The Brahms one is absolutely fantastic. The Mozart one is so full of information! And the Milhaud one is revealing, precious for anyone trying to take one's playing to the next level. Super! "

"Thank you for making these lessons available!"

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